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Who is Darina Allen Husband? All About Her Relationships!

Darina Allen is a famous and well-known Irish chef, cookbook author, and TV personality. She is also the person responsible for establishing the Ballymaloe Cooking School. Also, she has written several books about Irish food that readers have praised. Darina Allen and her husband, Tim Allen, started the Ballymaloe Cooking School. In January 2003, he pleaded guilty to having 977 sexually explicit pictures of children. In this post, we’ll provide an in-depth look into the earlier life and career of Darina Allen’s husband.

Who is Darina Allen’s Husband?

Darina married Tim Allen, born on June 13, 1953, in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, he is a famous name in the entertainment industry. His parents, Myrtle and Ivan Allen, own and run Kinoith, an organic farm in Shanagarry. Moreover,  Allen is the cooking teacher of the year, according to the IACP.
Tim Allen is married to Darina and opened the Ballymaloe Cooking School. In January 2003, he said that he had 977 child pornographic pictures.

darina allen husband

The Garda’s operation to track credit cards, called “Operation Amethyst,” found him. After giving €40,000 to a charity for Indian children. Tim had to do community service and was labeled a physical abuser. Allen was kicked out of Ballymaloe Cooking School after he was found guilty.

Darina Allen Biography

  • Full Name: Darina Allen
  • Date of Birth: June 13, 1953
  • Age: 70 Years, 11 Months, 6 Days
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Upcoming Birthday: June 13, 2024 (This Year)
  • Birthplace: Denver, Colorado

Early Life of Her Husband

Tim Allen was born in Denver, Colorado, on June 13, 1953. When he was 11 years old, his parents got divorced, and he became the third child in a family of six children. Additionally, Allen’s father died in a terrible car accident two years later, leaving his mother to raise all the children alone. Because he could do well in school despite his problems, he went to Western Michigan University to get a degree in television production after finishing high school.

The Career of Darina Allen’s Husband

Allen started his career as a stand-up comedian in Detroit, Michigan, after graduating from college. Soon after, he started going to the city’s comedy clubs often, so he began to get a following. Additionally, Allen moved to Los Angeles at the beginning of the 1980s to try to make a living as a comedian there. He went on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson more than once, which helped him become well-known nationwide.

Tim Allen’s Personal Life

Allen’s career and personal life are linked. In 1984, he married Laura Deibel, and they had a daughter. In 2003, they got divorced. Allen fell in love with Darina Allen, an Irish cook. In 2006, they got married and had a son.
Allen has always put a lot of importance on family and love. He talked about his childhood and how his family affected him. In interviews, he said that his wife was his best friend. Allen also likes to build things, race cars, and fly planes. He was the host of Tim Allen’s Car Fix on the Discovery Channel.

darina allen husband

 Darina Allen Children and Net Worth

Tim Allen and Darina Allen got married in 1970. Together, they are the parents of four children. Those involved are Isacc Allen, Toby Allen, Emily Allen, and Lydia Fallen.

According to the website, Darina’s estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million. She uses Twitter a lot, and as of May 2022, she had 15,300 people following her.

Also, she has her page on the website Wikipedia. Moreover, she attended school at the Dublin Institute of Technology and earned a hotel management degree.

Where is Irish Chef Darina Allen Right Now?

Darina Allen is a famous chef in Ireland. She lives on the organic farm in Shanagarry that she owns and runs. Kinoith. The name of her business is the Ballymaloe Cooking School in Shanagarry, which is in the Irish county of Cork.
Kevin Hench, Richard Baker, and Rick Messina, who were all part of the team that made Last Man Standing, will serve as executive producers for the streaming show. (Allen made appearances on the ABC sitcom from 2011 to 2021.) Darina is in charge of the Midleton Farmers’ Market right now. She is the chairperson. She was born on July 30, 1948, in the Irish town of Cullohill, in the county of Laois.

darina allen husband


In short, Tim Allen is a brilliant actor who has worked in many different roles for almost 40 years. His life experiences made him who he was as a person and an artist. Moreover, his most vital support has been from his wife, Chef Darina Allen. Allen is well-rounded because of his family, hobbies, and charitable work. His wit and sense of humor have made people laugh worldwide. Finally, Allen’s contributions to entertainment and culture will be remembered for a long time.


How Many Children Does Myrtle Allen Have?

Myrtle Allen has six children.

How Old is Rachel Allen?

Rachel Allen was born on October 11, 1971. So, Rachel Allen is 51 years old right now.

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