How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You Get Compensation?

Despite being less safe than cars, 8% of households own motorcycles. It’s no surprise that a car with four wheels is more stable than a vehicle with two. Plus, motorcycles don’t provide the same protection that cars do. If you get into a motorcycle accident, you might be debating on whether or not to hire a lawyer. Keep reading to learn what a motorcycle accident lawyer can do for you.

Investigates Your Accident

A motorcycle accident lawyer can investigate the accident that resulted in injuries. It’s not a straightforward task, which is why professionals who know the law exist.

Anyone can read a police report, but you’ll benefit more from a thorough investigation of the crash. With the information found, a lawyer will determine if you have a compensation claim.

A legal investigation typically includes these steps:

  • Discovering and interviewing key witnesses
  • Documenting the data, time, and weather conditions on the day of the accident
  • Determining whether surveillance footage exists
  • Visiting and photographing the accident scene
  • Measuring the accident scene
  • Creating accident scene diagrams to see what caused the crash
  • Reviewing medical evidence related to accident injuries

Assessing these things is an essential first step that a lawyer will take to determine if you have a valid claim against other parties of the crash.

Determines Liability

An accident attorney has many tasks for a motorcycle case, but the main thing they need to do is determine that the other driver was at fault.

An accident investigation determines the cause of the accident and identifies responsible parties. If negligence factors into the cause of the accident, the injured party might have a valid compensation claim.

For example, if a driver crashes into a motorcycle while running a red light, or is speeding while driving through an intersection, the motorcycle driver won’t be liable for the accident.

Additionally, if a drunk or drugged driver hits a person on a motorcycle, that driver might be responsible for injuries.

The liability changes if the driver who crashed into a motorcycle was on the job. Employers have vicarious liability and financial responsibility for the negligent actions of their employees, but this can be harder to prove.

Lastly, the motorcycle manufacturer might be held liable for the accident. If a defective motorcycle part causes a crash, the manufacturer could face liability through a product liability claim.

Obtains Evidence

To support the injured party’s claim, a motorcycle accident lawyer will gather evidence. Evidence should be specific to showing fault, negligence, or causation of one or more parties.

Collect the following documents and present them to your lawyer:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Your written recollection of the accident
  • Traffic citations or criminal charges from the crash
  • Other driver’s past driving history

If the at-fault driver was intoxicated when they crashed into you, provide your lawyer with the post-accident toxicology report as well.

In addition to this information, a lawyer will conduct discovery to gather more details about the claim that supports your side. They will also respond to discovery requests from the other party on your behalf.

Common types of discovery that lawyers exchange between the parties include written interrogatories, accident documents, and depositions.

Your attorney will use everything they have to support your claim and prove how the other driver was at fault.

Seeks Compensation

You hire a lawyer in hopes of receiving compensation for your accident injuries. The attorney will put together a comprehensive claim for compensation for you. This claim includes:

  • The legal theory of the case (most likely negligence)
  • Statement of injuries
  • Supporting evidence

Each state has varying deadlines for filing claims. A lawyer will push to get evidence submitted before the statute of limitations runs out. Most states give injury victims one year or more to file a claim.

If you don’t file a formal claim for compensation through the courts by the correct deadline, you might lose your chance to recover anything financially.

To move the lawsuit forward after your claim is filed, you must comply with the court’s procedural rules.

Helps You Settle

Finding a lawyer with courtroom experience is key to winning a case, but not all motorcycle accident cases make it to court. Still, it’s an important asset to have if you need it.

Alpha Accident Lawyers can file motorcycle accident claims for damages, negotiate compensation on your behalf, and proceed with litigation for maximum compensation if necessary.

Many lawsuits end in settlements between injury victims and insurance companies. The insurance company will agree to pay the injury victims a specific amount to end the lawsuit.

If both parties cannot settle, the case will go to trial. A judge and a jury will hear both sides of the case to determine who is at fault for the accident.

If the jury and judge come up with a verdict in your favor, you could receive compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, medical expenses, repair bills, and more.

At the beginning of the claims process, your lawyer will walk you through what damages you might be eligible for.

Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

If you want the best chance of receiving maximum compensation after a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney.

When you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer, you get someone who investigates your accident, determines liability, and negotiates compensation on your behalf.

All of these things and more are what you can expect when you work with a professional personal injury lawyer. Call the experts now but don’t forget to come back for more posts like this on our blog.

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