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What Actually Happened With Tanya Kellux? Scandal Video!

A twelve-year-old girl named Tanya Kellock, aka Tanya Kellux had oral sex with her younger brother, who was between the ages of 5 and 6. The video was taken by an anonymous person, who then uploaded it to several social media platforms. The person who took the picture could have been the victim, a parent, or a sexual abuser. Since then, hundreds of fake profiles have popped up all over the internet. They reposted the video and spread fake details about what happened, like saying it was child abuse, etc. The viral video of Tanya in 2017 was the source of a significant amount of controversy. What happened to her? In this article, we’ll give a small piece of information about her discussion that will be helpful for our readers, so keep reading.

Who is Tanya Kellux?

Tanya is an Instagram teenage model and actress who has become more popular. She was born in 2005 and is 19 years old right now, according to 2023. She immediately became famous when her Snapchat video went viral on Twitter and Reddit in 2017. Even though it’s clear that her video has been taken down from social media, she became famous on the internet very quickly. She should be around 18 by 2022 since her first viral video went viral when she was twelve. However, we don’t know her age, birthday, or current situation.

She interacts with people through her Twitter account, @tanyakellock. Her last tweet was on December 5, 2017, but her performance still exists. In her tweet, she talks about the event that went viral. She has said she was wrong and is sorry for what she did. This was a big deal in the UK a few years ago, but now everyone thinks her story is true. Find out more to discover the true story behind what happened.

Actual Story Behind The Tanya Kellock Viral Video

Tanya Kellock has been banned from Instagram permanently because she posted illegal content. Since 2017, she has constantly updated her Instagram account with many posts. Her Snapchat video can’t be seen anywhere on the internet or any social media platform. But other reports say that she used her younger brother, who was only six then, for sexual purposes in that movie.

After the event, Tanya Kellock said that what she did on the video was just a joke between her and her friends. She also said she talked about making this movie with her brother before deciding to do it. There are a lot of stories going around on the internet. People have said that her parents or a sexual predator pushed her to do what they wanted.

As a direct result of this, there are now hundreds of fake profiles all over the internet that repost the video and post phony information about what happened, such as the claim that it was child abuse. Tanya also deleted all of her posts from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and deactivated all of her social media accounts.

Who are the Parents of Tanya?

Tanya Kellock’s parents have been accused of making the disturbing video of a child sex assault that went viral. It is thought that Tanya Kellock’s parents made the video. There hasn’t been much online information about them in recent years.

Tanya Kellock Breaks Down the News

Based on the currently available information, the most recent news story about Tanya Kellock seems to have come out in 2017. According to the complaints, she recorded the video as a joke and uploaded it online.

Later, she said she was sorry for what she did, and Tanya looked like she was crying as she gave her mother the letter to read. The stories kept getting around and finally came to light. Ideas started to spread instead of false stories, and some people said that her parents made her do it because they were ashamed. Others say that it happened because of how careless she used to be.

Many fake accounts have also shared the video, making people worry about child abuse. To put it lightly, people are skeptical about how things are. No matter what the facts of the case were, there’s no doubt that the event got a lot of attention online. One point of view is that many Internet users made the picture however they wanted, while others chose to avoid the conflict. Even though the problem seems to have been solved, we haven’t found out where or how she is doing.


In short, she wants to gain internet popularity and people’s attention. Because she claims that she made the video as a joke and uploaded it on the internet, she also apologizes for this inappropriate activity. However, she became a celebrity through this incident. She quickly became very famous all over the internet within a short time.  Tanya’s professional life appears to have a bright future ahead of her. We wish her the best of luck in her personal and professional lives in the future. Let’s hold out hope.


What is her Age?

She was born in 2005, and now she is 18 years old.

Who is Tanya Kellux?

She is from the United Kingdom and is a volatile teenager there. She became well-known after the reported posting of an illegal video in 2017.

Are You Following Her on Instagram?

No, Because she violated the terms of service, Instagram has taken action against her.

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