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Who is Dovi Bezner? You Need to Know All About

A well-known Poker the Jew, Dovi Bezner, is a successful artist manager in the entertainment industry. Dovi started his professional career as the manager of the Island Boys. TikTok, Fly Soulja, and Kodiak Redd. Due to his fame and high-quality services, he was approached by several musicians after a while. For a few months, he brought his brand online to expand it. Now you can easily book his services for your project online. Here in this article, we’ll discuss Dovi Bezner’s biography, career, lifestyle, and how he became famous.

Who is Dovi Bezner?

Mr. Bezner’s full name is Dovi Bezner Aka. He, also known as PokerTheJew, was born in upstate New York to an attentive Jewish family. He grew up in South Florida. Dovi got his early education at a private Jewish boarding school.  In school, he learned many of the hard work ideals essential for his professional career today.

Dovi Bezner

How Did Dovi Bezner Get Famous? 

Dovi is a poker player, but he became famous after becoming the official manager of the Island Boys. After posting a TikTok freestyle rap, the Island Boys Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd became famous in 2021, singing “I’m an Island Boy.”. The Island Boys’ unique look caught the interest of fans, record labels, fellow rappers, and prospective managers. When the brothers became popular overnight, they needed to hire a reliable manager soon. As a result, they went to a long-term family friend, Dovi Bezner, also known as PokerTheJew.

Dovi Bezner

Dovi Bezner’s Career

Dovi is a poker player and becomes the official manager of the Island Boys. Mr. Bezner spends more time on his career. He never forgets to fulfill his duty to help needy people. Also, Dovi has participated in the Israeli military forces his entire life. He served in this, and we have mutual respect and belief. After all, every successful manager-client relationship is built on trust.

Dovi’s current clients are only the Island Boys. He wants to ensure they have his complete attention and that he keeps their best interests in mind. Very soon, Dovi and his brothers plan to create a clothing brand. He claims they are discussing it with several popular fashion companies, including Fashion Nova. On the other hand, he has stated that he wants to be careful with their future actions and avoid taking risks. The entertainment industry is harsh, and one wrong move may devastate artists’ lives.

Dovi Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

Bezner has always been fascinated by the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Dovi was a successful poker player before becoming the manager of the Island Boys. He learned under the guidance of a poker coach known as “Lexo Poker.” Dovi could create his schedule with Lexo’s assistance and effectively become his boss. Dovi has always desired freedom and hated working for someone else. Since childhood, he has had a strong desire to engage in the entertainment industry and sees working with the Island Boys as a fantastic chance.

Dovi Bezner


  • Full Name: Dovi Bezner Aka
  • Nickname: Dovi Bezner
  • Birthplace:   New York
  • Profession: Poker Player
  • Famous as: the official manager of the Island Boys
  • Religion:  Jewish / Judaism
  • Residence: South Florida
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

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