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5 ways to successfully market your daycare business

Running a daycare business can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it also requires a great amount of hard work and dedication. When it comes to childcare, extra attention has to be taken in all aspects, especially while marketing your daycare business to build trust with the most important stakeholders: parents. 


Along with the best quality of care, if there’s one thing that parents look for when selecting a daycare business, it’s to ensure the safety of their children. Which is why having a solid marketing plan to effectively communicate with parents and potential customers is key.

Marketing your daycare business can be difficult, particularly when there is increased pressure to stand out from competitors. But, we’ve got just the right tips to help you out in spreading the word for your daycare business and making it the top choice within your local community! 

1- Networking

For any business related to childcare, forming a more personal connection with parents is key to building credibility and trust. Parents often prefer to meet potential caretakers in person several times before making a decision.

Joining different parenting groups online is one way to go about it, but, do be careful that you are not just there to constantly advertise your business. Alternatively, you can attend local community events to network with parents to give you a better idea on what they are looking for from a daycare business. 

This would also be a good time to hand out flyers and business cards so they can know exactly how to contact you. Well designed business cards are still a powerful way to stand out and remain top of mind for potential customers. 


Traditional marketing such as this has the tendency to be overlooked, however, these gestures signal that you are committed to your business and easily reachable for any information. 

2- Email marketing 

When it comes to choosing suitable childcare options, parents spend significant time weighing several options, making it a long sales cycle. Which is why emails are a great way to slowly feed updates over the long term to potential customers and encourage them to sign up for your services.

With emails, you can send promotional material over a longer period of time to stay ahead of competitor businesses. This can be in the form of newsletters where you outline your services, special offers and new additions to your daycare business. 

As a reference, have a look at the example below of an email that outlines upcoming activities planned at a school: 


3- Share reviews online

Reviews are a great way to build authenticity and credibility for your daycare business, plus, they are a pretty hassle-free promotion method. Hearing from other parents who have used your service would go a long way in convincing potential customers to sign up as well. This is because parents often look to other parents in deciding child care options for their children. 

You can ask your existing clientele to submit reviews which you can upload on your social media pages like Instagram and Facebook. Parents are likely to visit these pages as they gather all the information about your business and reading about satisfied customers makes it easier for them to trust and choose yours! 

4- Start a referral program 


Apart from sharing advice, parents also often share tried and trusted resources for childcare options amongst their networks. Encourage your clients to refer their friends and family to your daycare to help you expand your clientele. 

Offer a special discount or a few free sessions for every referral that brings you a new customer. This helps expand your reach by giving you access to networks that would not be available to you otherwise. 


5- Active social media


Like almost every business these days, social media marketing simply cannot be overlooked. Other than being a great way to reach new customers, social media marketing is perfect to share all relevant information about your daycare business in a comprehensive and creative way. 

Having a mix of social media platforms allows you to reach different parent groups where you can post different kinds of content on each platform. For example, you can create a Facebook or Instagram page for your business to upload pictures and videos of your daycare. This would be a great way to give parents instant updates and keep them involved.  

To give parents a more in-depth look of your daycare business, consider creating a YouTube channel. This would work best for video tours or snippets of how you conduct activities along with introducing your staff members to showcase your business in an informative and personal way.

Most importantly, creating content that is high in quality is key in giving you an edge over competitors. High quality visuals, consistent colors, clearly written text will make sure your content stands out.

You can use websites like PosterMyWall that help in making content for social media marketing much faster and simpler.

With these marketing strategies, you can build a strong plan to effectively promote your daycare business and attract new customers. Regardless of which strategy you try out, make sure to track the results from your efforts to see what is working and what needs to be improved.

Best of luck✨

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