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Some Facts of Journalist Son Alexander Kutner!

Alexander Kutner is recognized as the son of the famous journalist Kay Burley. He is a software engineer from the University of Columbia. Now he is a senior software engineer at Bloomberg. Who is he? And how old is he? Are you curious to know all about him? We’ll explore his family and personal life in this post. Keep reading till the end.

Who is Alexander Kutner?

Alexander is a well-known Unified Realm founder and moderator. He is a beginner photographer. He was born in 1993 in London. Alexander is the only son of journalist Kay Burley from her first marriage. Because his mother got married a second time, he was born and raised in London. Therefore, he belongs to British nationality. Moreover, his parents are Kay Burley and his father is Steve Kutner. His mother, Kay, is a well-known journalist and the Sky News news channel hosts a columnist. Kay Burley @Breakfast is the name of the show that she hosts. She has previously worked for Tyne Tees Television, TV-am, and BBC Local Radio. Moreover, she is also a writer, best known for her novels “First Ladies,” published in 2011, and “Treachery,” published in 2012.

Alexander Kutner Qualifications

His Institution Alexander Kutner attended the London School of Economics and Political Theory (LSE), where he got a bachelor’s degree in legislative issues. He is currently filling in as a vehicle expert. He graduated with a degree in software engineering from Columbia University. But he is a senior software engineer at Bloomberg right now. He is also studying IOT. He recently learned to solder and is enthusiastic about the creative flexibility computers on a chip and microcontrollers provide. Moreover, he is interested in design, data visualization, machine learning, and many other topics. Apart from that, he enjoys photography and shares his photographs on Instagram.

How Old is Kutner?

He was born in 1993 in London. But there is no exact date of birth given by his family. So, according to 1993, he is 30 years old right now. His precise date of birth is kept private from the social media accounts. He is a very reserved person in his personal life. In addition, he is the only son of his mother’s first marriage.

Is Alexander Married or Single? 

He does not get married. He is single right now. Because there is no information given about his marriage or relationship on any social media platform. Kutner has a happy relationship with Charlotte Jones. The couple only posts photos of themselves in beautiful locations throughout the world. He likes to keep his life away from social media platforms. Therefore, we do not know about his marriage life right now. Anyhow, when we’ll get it, we’ll update you soon.

Meet Alexander Kutner’s Parents

His mother’s name is Kay Burley, and his father’s is Steve Kutner. His mother is a famous journalist. Also, she is the Sky News news channel’s columnist. Moreover, his father, Steve, is a former football specialist who now avoids the media. Kay’s first spouse is Steve, a journalist. Burley was only 19 years old when they married in 1979. Burley married George Pascoe-Watson for the second time. But she divorced again and is now living on her own.

alexander kutner


Meet Kutner on His Instagram

He is active on his Instagram account. The username of his performance is @ajkutner. Only ten posts and 80 followers are available on his account. If you want to meet Kutner, then go to his Instagram account. Moreover, no information is known about his net worth on the internet. Anyhow, his mother, Burley, is a millionaire lady.


In short, we have mentioned all the above about Kutner’s life story. He is a very reserved person. He is only the son of famous journalist Burley. Anyhow, he kept staying away from social media platforms. So no more information is available about his personal life on the internet. If we find any information about him, we’ll update you soon.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Who is Key Burley?

Key Burley is a famous journalist and English broadcaster. She is the mother of Alexander Kutner.

How old is Kutner?

He was born in 1993, so he is 30 years old.

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