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What Happened to Developer Ken Rohan Jr? Death Revealed!

A business tycoon, developer Ken Rohan Jr died in Cancun, Mexico, almost two years ago. According to legal records with the Dublin Probate Office, he was left nearly $16 million in his will. What happened to him? We’ll reveal the reason behind the death of Ken Rohan Junior in this post.

Who was Ken Rohan Jr?

A business tycoon Ken’s real name was Kenneth Rohan Junior. Ken Rohan was a famous Irish property developer. He passed away on March 30, 2021, at the age of 40, in Cancun, Mexico. He was the son of Ken Rohan, a Wicklow property tycoon, and Brenda McManus, one of Ireland’s most beautiful women and a former model. Mr. Rohan Jr. worked for his father’s real estate company in Dubai and the United Kingdom. His family controls the Rohan Holdings property group, which includes industrial parks, warehouses, land, and office buildings near Dublin’s M50.

Who is Ken’s Wife?

A part-time model, Brooke McVeigh was the wife of Ken Rohan. They had a fantastic love life. He got engaged to Ireland’s most beautiful woman and former model, Brooke McVeigh, in Hong Kong in late September 2009. After that, they married in a beautiful ceremony at Rohan’s Wicklow mansion in July 2011. After that, they started their family and welcomed two children. However, the couple has now split due to Rohan’s eventual death. The couple married in 2011 and were together for ten years. Anyhow, they had an excellent relationship and a happy marriage.

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Meet His Family And Children

Ken Rohan, a property developer, is survived by his beautiful family. His father was Ken Rohan Sr., and his mother was Brenda McManus. His father is a famous property developer and investor. Additionally, his mother was a renowned model in the 1960s. In addition, Rohan was born and raised with his two siblings, Ali and Jamie. He has a gorgeous sister-in-law named Lucy and a beautiful brother-in-law named Liam.

Now we’ll talk about his children. He welcomed two children. His adorable boys are Alexander and Christopher. Ken was very attached to his sons. They were both born after 2011 and are now in their twenties. The children lost their fathers at an early age. The sons will miss their father very severely. Now their grandparents and mother are providing excellent care for them.

What happened to him? Death Revealed

According to different resources, he has not felt well for a long time. He was suffering from more diseases, and his health spoiled more daily. Moreover, he was 40 years old at the time of his death. So the reason for his death might have been his failing health, although there has been no confirmation of the allegation. Therefore, the cause of Ken Rohan Junior’s death is still unrevealed. Because his family has not formally announced the cause of his death, they are grieving and praying for his soul to rest in peace.


In short, Ken Rohan Junior was a reserved and private person. He is not available on any social media platforms.  Even though he was a famous businessman, he liked to stay away from the public. Moreover, he never discussed his personal life in the media and wanted to keep it secret. Also, not much information on the internet is available regarding his life and academic background.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Brooke McVeigh’s Husband?

Ken Rohan Junior was the husband of Brooke McVeigh, who died in Cancun, Mexico, almost two years ago.

Who is Ken Rohan?

Ken Rohan was a Wicklow property developer. His family controlled Rohan Holdings. Its holdings include industrial parks, land, and office buildings near Dublin’s M50.


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