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Dwayne Johnson’s Daughters Dress Up as Bad Girls for Halloween

Dwayne Johnson is a loving father to his three daughters, Jasmine, Simone, and Tiana. Johnson loves to spend time with his lovely daughters and make special memories, especially during holidays such as Halloween.

In 2021, Johnson shared a photo on Instagram of his daughters dressed up as “bad girls” for Halloween. Jasmine wore a blonde pigtail wig as part of her Harley Quinn costume, while Tiana wore a black Victorian-styled dress.

“My heaaaart!!! Both wanting to be the ‘bad girls’ this year,” Johnson’s wife, Lauren Hashian, captioned the photo.

Johnson also shared a video on his Instagram of his daughters giving him a make over Christmas. In the video, Jasmine applies makeup to her dad’s face, while Tiana helps with the hair. “Wow. Do you have to press that hard?” Johnson says in the video. “I’m trying to look good for Christmas!”


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In this video, it’s clear that Johnson loves spending time with his daughters and making their daughters happy. He is a wonderful role model for his daughters and they are blessed to have him as their father.

Here are some other ways that Dwayne Johnson has celebrated Halloween with his daughters:

Dwayne Johnson Daughters
Source: Instagram
  • In 2019, they went trick-or-treating together in their neighborhood. Johnson dressed up as a dinosaur, while Jasmine and Tiana dressed up as princesses.
  • In 2018, they had a Halloween party at their house. Johnson dressed up as a superhero, while Jasmine and Tiana dressed up as fairies.
  • In 2017, they went to a pumpkin patch and carved pumpkins together. Johnson carved a pumpkin that looked like his face, while Jasmine and Tiana carved pumpkins that looked like their favorite animals.

No matter what they do, it’s clear that Dwayne Johnson and his daughters always have a lot of fun together on Halloween.

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