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How Many Children Does Alex Polizzi Have?

The British hotelier and star of ‘The Hotel Inspector’, Alex Polizzi, has two children. She is also a dedicated mother.  Alex Polizzi is known for her hotel expertise on ‘The Hotel Inspector,’ but how large is her own family? And how many children does she have?Let’s take a look at Polizzi’s children in detail. So stay connected with us till the end.

Children and Family

Alex Polizzi has two children: a daughter named Olga and a son named Rocco. She was married to Marcus Miller in September 2007 in Sussex, England. Her husband is a baker by profession. If you want to know more about her husband, William Marcus Miller’s net worth in more detail, then check it out in our previously published article.  Now Alex Polizzi resides with her children and husband, Marcus Miller, in London.

Balancing Career and Motherhood 

Polizzi has spoken about the challenges of balancing a demanding career with motherhood. In an interview with The Daily Mail, she stated, “I want an easy life and still have 2 young children. My husband, Marcus, always says I seem to have fun with my current work, and he’s right.”


Alex Polizzi has been open about her experience with miscarriage before the birth of her children. She suffered three miscarriages previous to having her son, according to DailyMail.  While acknowledging this, it’s important to respect her privacy and keep the focus of this article on the children she has successfully carried to term.

Family Privacy

While Polizzi shares some aspects of her life with the public, she generally maintains a high level of privacy regarding her children. We already described this successful hotelier and TV personality in detail in our previous blog post. You can check it out by clicking on this link.


Alex Polizzi is a successful hotelier and the proud mother of two children, Olga Polizzi and Rocco. Alex Polizzi’s dedication to both her career and her beloved children, Olga and Rocco, demonstrates the commitment and passion she brings to all aspects of her life. Keeping some things out of the spotlight allows her to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Now, the Polizzi family happily resides in North London. I hope this information is beneficial for you. If we find more information, we will update you soon.

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